Local Organic Agriculture

Originally homesteaded in the 1880's, Sunitsch Canyon has a long history of agricultural production, from early Holstein herds to seed potatoes for the region. Tierra Garden Organics - operated with such energy for over 12 years by Willy Stockman and Eron Drew - ran an on-farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture - weekly subscription boxes), contributed to local distribution CSA, supplied over 10 local restaurants and were fixtures at our 2 local farmers market. 2019 was their final year of operations. Tierra Garden Organics will continue on with Tierra as our commitment to local organic food production continues into the future. 2020 will be a year of recuperation with active cover cropping and attention to the land. Laura Lentz will be managing operations and welcomes people to stop by and see what's happening.

Laura Lentz will be managing operations of Garden Organics in 2020


Willy and Eron raising a family and running a family run farm